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Dog Grooming Services

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Premier Nail Clipping Service in North London

Few things are more relaxing than playing with your dog after a long day. Playtime does not always end well, however, when their nails are getting too long. Your fur baby might accidentally scratch your skin or leave marks on surfaces. This is where we come in.

At Doggone Fabulous, we have a team of caring and experienced groomers who provide dog nail clipping services in North London. It can be part of our full grooming session or you can have it done on its own. We clip your dog’s nails to a reasonable and comfortable length.

There Is More to Dog Nails than Meets the Eye

Many dog owners do not feel comfortable trimming their pet’s nails. They fear accidentally cutting the nail too short and damaging the blood vessel and nerve underneath. The task might be easier if the dog has white claws but it is more challenging when dealing with dark claws.

Allow our groomers to trim your fur baby’s nails. We carefully handle them, assuring you that they won’t get hurt. We file the nails too so they are neater, smoother and safer.

The best part is you don’t need an appointment, we offer nails as a walk in service.

Happy DFab Dogs!
Let Us Handle Your Fur Baby’s Nails

As professional dog groomers in North London, we treat your dog like they are our own. We make sure they are comfortable in our parlour. We make their experience as enjoyable as possible. These are what we can promise to you as their dog parents:

  • We are not a production line. Nail trimming requires careful handling. Our groomers cater to a maximum of 6 dogs per day so that we can take our time with your pet.
  • We share other pet grooming tips. As part of our services, we share with you advice on looking after your pet’s appearance in between grooming and nail trimming sessions.
  • We have perfected our nail trimming routine. Our experienced groomers have been in the industry for more than a decade. You can rest assured that we do the job right.

Bring your fur baby to us for grooming and nail trimming services and expect them to look their best while lounging on an open bed when you collect them. Schedule an appointment today or for nails we do take walkins.

Come and visit your local dog groomers in our new grooming salon at 8 Priory Road, N8 7RD fitted out and designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.
We are opposite Priory Park in a small parade of shops. These include the delightful Elsie Café, a great local vets – Zasmin Vets, a wonderful convenience store and The Priory Fish Bar, who serve a delicious fish & chips.

Getting Here:
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On the left, just past the fire station on Priory Road.

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On the right, just after the Army Reserve Centre. There is a drop-off point at the rear. Parking restrictions across the road apply between 11am-1pm, the bus lane only from 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm or there is free parking on the adjoining roads.

On the W3 and 144 bus routes (Nightingale Lane stop)